Chicago: The Frye Company

It's officially my 3rd month as a Chicago resident!  Besides getting used to the frigid temperatures (which, thankfully, have begun to subside), I've been spending most of my time getting to know my new home.  So far, I've learned that:

(a) my Husky-looking pups LOVE it here
(b) this city is a coffee-lovers dream come true (you haven't had coffee until you've gotten an espresso at Gas Light)
(c) the potholes here can devour your entire car if you're not careful
(d) Chicago natives don't mess around when it comes to shoes.  They just don't.

Sure, you could get away with owning a few pairs of heels and flip-flops in Miami, but not here.  Some of the best leather companies in the world operate out of this city, and I have never seen so many high quality leather boutiques in my life.  

Needless to say, choosing the shoe that was going to be replacing my havaianas was tough with all the choices I had.  It doesn't surprise me that my new go-to boots are made by The Frye Company, who, not only use incredible quality leather, but also have an all-American look I love.  The Jackie Gore Stitching Horse, in particular, feels like it was made for me.  They certainly make this Miami girl feel like she fits in!

Wearing:  The Frye Company Jackie Gore Stitching Horse Boot, Peachoo + Krejberg Cardigan, H&M skirt, Urban Outftters crossbody bag.


Some of My Favorites

Oh, the woes of selling on eBay.  I had almost forgotten how time-consuming it could all be!  Spending hours fighting with html code, and then hoping the pictures show up (9 times out of 10, they don't, so I apologize if you see a bunch of question marks in my listings where pictures should be).  Nevertheless, I stayed in this weekend to post just a small batch of items to the VM eBay store.

This week is our official third week living in Chicago!  I've been going sight seeing as much as I can, but it's incredibly hard to motivate yourself when the high temp is 0 degrees (no joke... and the low today is -12 degrees).  Coming straight from Miami, I've been dealing with things like frozen pipes, frozen cars, and frozen doggie paws.  It's definitely going to take some getting used to!

To my cold-weather dwellers, any tips on how to beat the frigid temperatures?

xx, Shareen


New Project: Vintage Novelty Prints!

As a vintage store owner, I have logged in hundred (I'd even venture to say thousands) of hours in thrift stores around the country.  For the most part, I try and uphold a really diverse selection of cuts and styles in the shop-- everything from sleek bodysuits to playful mini dresses.

Personally, my favorite vintage cut is the micro mini baby doll-- it's effortless!  I've had the pleasure of putting together a very small collection of short-run vintage-inspired novelty printed (and nostalgic) mini dresses using my all-time favorite shape.

These are the first four pieces.  There's admittedly no real theme here -- they're just prints that I absolutely love, and hope you do, too (anyone born in the 80's will certainly recognize some memorable characters!).  Some are made of vintage fabrics, and some are sourced from other places.  What all these pieces share is that they are hand-made, and there is, at most, two of them made--ever.  No re-stocking, no 2nd run.  After this bunch, I'll move on to the next fabrics that catch my eye :)

If you'd like to learn more about the pieces, click the pictures above.  Stay tuned for round two!

Love you all, Shareen


New Adventures in the New Year

Pictures via @VintageMavens instagram

I bet when a new post from Vintage Mavens popped up on your blog feed, most of you were like, "What? It's been, like, a million years!"  It really has been!  And I miss you guys.

The winds of change have been blowing since my last post back in July!  I'm talking a full, 180 degrees of pure change.  2014 is shaping out to be a momentous year of new surroundings and opportunities.

1.  The Store:  I'm absolutely blown away by the amount of e-mails I have received from customers asking about the direction our online store is headed.  I honestly was not expecting so many sweet messages from customers!  I can say with certainty that the store will have new vintage soon.  It may look a bit different, but it will be Vintage Mavens.

2.  The Move:  Jorge and I are moving to Chicago in a week!!  Though I'm sad to leave Miami, we're so excited to embark on this little adventure together.  I have heard nothing but wonderful things about this city, and I can't wait to go exploring (any readers out there from the Windy City, I'd love to hear about your favorite hang-out spots!).

3.  Law School:  Yep, I'm going to be a law school student this Fall.  Crazy, I know.  It's been a dream of mine since I was 19, and there's no time like the present to make things happen.  Don't worry, I'm not changing the name of my blog to "Legally Brunette" and showing off my latest pant suits.  I hope to blog about my law school adventures and run the store part-time.  After applying to a bunch of colleges all around the country, where I'll be attending school is still up in the air (though I've been lucky enough to get some exciting acceptance letters already!).   Who knows?  I may be blogging from Colorado or California in the Fall!

4.  I'm An Aunt!  My best friend (and little sister) had the most adorable baby boy this year!  My nephew, Kai, is the cutest little thing on Earth and he's driven me to spend endless hours on Etsy browsing through handmade little boy sweaters.

5.  Mindset:  To switch gears so intensely can be scary to say the least.  But, within the last few months of studying for the LSAT and applying to colleges, it's clear that this was the best decision I've made in a long time.  I hope you all will join me on my journey through Chicago, law school, and more.  It's going to be a fantastic year.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world in 2014.  Remember, life is short.  It's never too late to do what makes you happiest.

xx Shareen


summer in bloom

At my in-laws house, there are these magnificent ivory flowers that are in bloom in their front yard.  They're everywhere! My father-in-law has an amazing vintage camera collection, so I grabbed this beauty and took it for a test drive :)  

I haven't updated the shop in a little while, but there is some amazing dresses coming to the shop over the weekend!  In the meantime, check our super-sweet 10 sale!

xx Shareen

Wearing: vintage mini dress, thrifted hat.

Photos by Jorge Rubiera.